Architectural Elements

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Facades : Perforated metal facades offer uniqueness to the exterior of a building along with adding functional purposes for sunlight filtration & ventilation. One can explore various hole patterns to best suit the functional & aesthetic requirements for the building & construction design.

Sun screens : Efficient sun light filtration & shading are significant functions perforated metal panels offer as architectural elements.

Room dividers : While perforation maintains the structural strength of metal panels, it offers features of maintaining privacy while offering transparency as room dividers.

Unique walls : With various possibilities in perforated hole patterns & methods, designers can explore perforated metal to uniquely decorate/cover walls.

Door panels : The holes in perforated metal sheets offer privacy & transparency features to door panels.

Ceiling panels : Perforated metal panels offer extensive sound managing capabilities. These panels are used to cover sound dampening material which absorb sound waves. Hence uniquely protecting & adding a decorative covering for sound dampening materials.

Railing & Balcony panels : Perforated metals sheets act as a good supporting element for enclosures made in various forms. Low fabrication costs, ease of assembly, transparency, customizable design patterns & contemporary aesthetics are features which allow use of perforated metal sheets for use in railings & balconies.

Antiskid flooring : Embossed perforation in a small variety of patterns offer antiskid properties to metal panels used in a variety of interior & exterior spaces for walkways & other architectural elements.

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