Perforated Metal For Architecture​​

Perforated metals combine a range of properties and bring new applications in construction and architecture. It's use in architecture is the most prominent one. Perforated metal sheets are eye-catching and perform spectacular functions. Architects continue to employ perforated metal screens in interior and exterior designs owing to its features.

Diamond Metal Screens provides customized sheet metal perforation & fabrication solutions for architecture and construction.

Design Benefits

Perforated metals allow architects to add an aesthetic touch to their designs. Architects use perforated metal for decorative pillars, facades, ceilings, and walls to add to the building’s appearance. They can make creative use of light and sound through perforated metals. A wide range of hole shapes and patterns are used to make the design visually appealing. Perforated metals can be used for decorative purposes but have a load to bear. 


Perforated metal screens are an optimum choice as they provide a variety of features. They serve to hide separating spaces, provide relief from excess heat and flashing sunlight, reduce the impact of strong wind, provide sufficient ventilation, maintain privacy, absorb sound effectively, and add structural integrity. 

Exterior Uses

Perforated metals are widely used in designing Facades, Sunscreens, Balcony panels to serve various functions yet, adding an aesthetic touch.

Interiors Uses

Room dividers, Unique walls, Door panels, Ceiling panels, Railings, Antiskid flooring are some of the interior uses of perforated metals.


Based on their interior or exterior application, the perforated metal sheets are used in Residential apartment complexes, Offices, Shopping Mall, Resort, Airports, Railway & Bus stations, Educational Institutions, Banking Institution, Auditoriums, Concert and Theater halls, Hospitals, Hotel Lounge, Restaurants, Cafes, Bars and more.


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Completed Projects

G Centre.jpg

G Centre

Kolkatta, India


Sai Office

Bangalore, India


Avasa Hotel

Hyderabad, India


Vaishnavi Splendor

Bangalore, India


E-commerce Warehouse

Bangalore, India

CENTRAL MALL_Trivandrum (9).JPG

Trivandrum Central Mall

Trivandram, India


Lokamanya Bank

Pune, India


Abdul Kalam Convention Centre

Amaravati, India



Kolkatta, India


Tamara Resort

Kodagu, India

DMS_perforation_Balaji Agora Mall_6.JPG

Balaji Agora Mall

Ahmedabad, India

Noah's Ark.jpg

Noah's Ark

Bangalore, India


Belgaum Golf Association

Belgaum, India