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Perforated metal facades offer uniqueness to the exterior of a building along with adding functional elements like sunlight filtration & ventilation. One can explore various hole patterns to best suit the functional and aesthetic requirements for your building design.

Sun screens

Perforated metal is an ideal material for sunscreens as it provides greater longevity than any other building material. It can be formed into any shape and is available in a variety of colors. The panels make a comfortable working environment without allowing too much sunlight, but yet keep the air flowing into the building and regulate the temperature.

Room dividers

Metal has become an increasingly popular choice for traditional interior applications. Once used only for roofing and exterior siding, it is now widely used to produce creative, intricate designs. While perforation maintains the structural strength of metal panels, it has features to maintain privacy while offering transparency as room dividers.

Unique walls

With developments in computer-controlled technologies, the detailed patterns can now be easily etched into various materials for interior or exterior use. Designers can explore perforated metals to have uniquely decorated walls.

Door Panels

The holes in perforated metal sheets offer privacy & transparency features to door panels.

Ceiling Panels

Perforated aluminum panels are often used for ceilings to help diffuse overhead lighting to reduce its harshness. They also offer extensive sound managing capabilities. Hence provide protection and add a decorative covering for sound dampening materials.

Railing & Balcony Panels

Perforated metal sheets act as a support element for enclosures made in various forms. Low fabrication costs, ease of assembly, transparency, customizable design patterns, and contemporary aesthetics are the features that make perforated metal sheets useful in railings & balconies.

Antiskid Flooring

Perforated metal flooring provides effective grip, drainage, and ventilation. Embossed perforation offers antiskid properties and is thus used in a variety of interior and exterior spaces for walkways and other architectural elements. Function and aesthetics work effortlessly together to compliment the overall design.

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