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Pixel Perf is our unique process of creating art on metal with images of any kind as sources to formulate the perforation process. This method of perforation is like painting metal with holes & can be visualized well when viewed at an appropriate distance, with the enhancement of ambient lighting.

Pixel Perf can be used in a few manners: Pattern a design, Paint a portrait & Illustrate a story.

Diamond Metal Screens Pvt. Ltd is capable of manufacturing perforated sheet metal products backed by experienced tool room engineers to design and develop the most intricate of perforation patterns for you. So go ahead, try us. Let your imagination run wild in designing and choosing the best pattern for your architectural design.

Pattern A Design

This is the most frequently used method for Pixel Perf. A tileable pattern can be perforated in a mosaic manner to cover any size of an area or a single unique pattern can be perforated on consecutive panels.

Paint A Portrait

Portraits continue to be an essential art form to highlight a personality’s or idol’s significance in defining a building’s identity. With Pixel Perf, designers can use this unique form of painting a portrait on metal with perforation.

Our Portrait Perforation for the façade of the Abdul Kalam Convention Centre in Telangana, India covers an area of 372 sq. m of perforated metal panels.

Illustrate A Story

Illustrations narrate a story. Every architectural space has a unique concept to narrate to its visitors & occupants. Pixel Perf perforation can be done with a variety of illustrative arts for wall panels, facades, partitions, doors or other architectural elements to offer a unique narrative experience.

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