What raw materials do you perforate on?

We perforate Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel, Cold Rolled Steel, Aluminum, PPGI, Mild Steel & Hot rolled Steel in coil as well as sheet form. We also import raw material depending on the project requirements.

What is the minimum & maximum thickness you punch?

We punch sheets with thickness from 0.4mm to 20mm.

What is the minimum & maximum hole diameter you punch?

We punch holes from 1.5mm to 80mm hole diameter.

What is your MOQ?

Our MOQ is minimum 15 Sheets or 1000 sq. ft

How long do you take to send a quote?

We send a quote within 2-3 days on receiving an enquiry.

What industries do you supply to?

We have a wide customer base in IT, Food Processing, Architectural, Agricultural, Acoustics & Industrial applications.

Where all do you export?

We currently export to U.A.E, USA, UK, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia & Canada.

Plant & Process

Are all the machines CNC controlled ?

Yes, we have CNC controlled perforation presses imported from Europe.

Do you offer any value-added services ?

Yes, we have the capability to deliver an entire finished product to our customers. We do bending, notching, welding, flattening, anodizing, painting etc. at our own plant.

Are your perforated sheets completely levelled ?

Yes, we have an imported leveler to give our perforated metal table top flatness.

Do you stock any perforated metal ?

No, currently we do not stock anything.

How is your material packaged for exports ?

We have export quality packaging done using wooden pallets.

Do you import raw material ?

Yes, we import raw material depending on the project requirements.

Do you provide free samples ?

Yes, we can provide free samples if it is available in stock. If our client would like to test a specific sample design, we provide the same at a minimal cost.

Do you have QC department ?

Yes, all our products undergo rigorous quality checks before they are dispatched.

Do you provide Mill certificates ?

Yes, we do.

More on Perforation

What is the significance of Open Area ?

The open area of a piece of sheet metal allows the passage of air, light, liquids or solids through them. Open area is most desirable for applications that require free flow of fluids, heat dissipation, pressure drops, acoustic absorption& reduced weight. Open Area for perforated metal is calculated using different formulae depending on hole shape & perforation pitch.

What is the most desirable material & thickness for perforated facades ?

Aluminum in 2.5mm thickness, with either Powder coating or PVDF coating.

What is the difference between laser cut & perforated metal ?

Mostly it depends on the application both give the desired output; however, laser cut is much more expensive than punching. Laser cutting cannot be done on all types of metal & consumes a lot of energy hence the cost of production goes high. Pixel perf offers the possibility of imitating a design of any kind with perforation.

Why perforated metal over wire mesh?

Perforated metal needs minimal welding than wire mesh & hence makes it more structurally stable. Also, perforated metal has more aesthetic appeal than wire mesh.


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